9banger Photography

I think this is photoshoot is a good example of how I use art to express duality between what are considered "happy" things, and "sad" things. Because sometimes I can't tell the difference.
Impromptu photoshoot on a train plus my first time using a flash during a photoshoot? I think we killed it. Love shooting with G.
Caitlin suffers from chronic nightmares and sleep paralysis. This photoshoot aimed to capture what if feels like to constantly live with those burdens, and to hopefully give her some dominion over that aspect of her life. Special thanks to the other two models Fanny and Caryle for being spooky and awesome.
I met Shannon in London while I was backpacking Europe last year. All I had was my Canon 5D Mk1 and a shitty lens, but we were able to capture some pretty cool photos. Her hospitality made my perpetual social anxiety not so bad!
This was one of my first photoshoots as a photographer, I was awkward and didn't really have much of a vision but Cassie is a great model which made it a little easier for me. I like to look at this album to remind myself of how far I've come. Can't wait to work with Cassie again!
Nude Art Gallery
This photoshoot marks the day I fell in love with the human form. These photos represent to me a shift in mindset towards the human body and the over-sexualization of the female form- and it makes me extremely happy to be able to say that. I used to be afraid to share this art, but it is liberating to finally publish this set.
Caitlin is honestly the reason I got into photography. She is so self-aware and the art she produces displays that. She is a canvas for her emotions and it has been incredible to be able to capture that.
Tara Baros
I freakin loved working with Tara. Her fluid and emotional style of modeling gave these photos more depth than I could accurately capture.
I can't wait to work with Emma again, I honestly don't even have the words to describe how much this photoshoot changed how I view art and the human body.
Natalie Nipper
This photoshoot took me way outside of my comfort zone, but Natalie and I ended up making some really beautiful art. I can't wait to work with her again!
Anastasia was super fun to work with. This shoot was for my second submission, and also my second publish in Nakid Magazine. You can see the rest of this set in Nakid Magazines Mini Issue 9: Vintage Playboy.
Katie and Adalee
Loved working with these two H-town models, I posed maybe three of these photos but they were so enthusiastic that I basically just followed them with my camera.
Sofia is a very unique, versatile, and eclectic model and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.
Victoria M'Lynn
I gained a lot of knowledge about the limits of my photography skills while I worked with Victoria, she helped me break those barriers.
Briana Brewster
It was a lot of fun shooting this impromptu shoot with Briana, I was feeling the reds and blues as you can tell.
Kersty and Landon
This was one of my first engagement photoshoots, I was blessed to have been able to capture these moments.
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